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"These Are My Confessions" by Electa Rome Parks
Kennedy is too ashamed to reveal the truth about her steamy relationship with hot, insatiable Drake - his sweet lies and hellacious lovemaking - to anyone except, her private diary.


"Love B-Ball Style" by Joy King
Bianca's job as the new personal assistant to an arrogant NBA superstar is unending hell. But when the lights go down - and the uniform comes off- she's seduced by this hard bodied athlete's off the court moves.


"Strapped" by Cheryl Robinson
Fresh from a break-up, Alexis, an uptight and unfilled middle school teacher, heads out to Texas where they say everything is bigger - and where she finds a tasty Dallas police officer who's strapped with way more than a gun.


"Divas Need Love To" by Méta Smith
Lucky went from waitress to platinum recording star with a string of hits and a Miami mansion in no time. Now she's back home in the Windy City to tease and torture the handsome cheating stud that broke her heart. But the man's hot loving may be too hard for her to resist.

ISBN-10: 0061193119
ISBN-13: 978-0061193118