Something Different for Joomla!

Readers are cordially invited, the first Saturday of the month, to Ladies' Night Out.  No R.S.V.P is required---just leave your inhibitions at the door.  What happens during Ladies' Night Out, stays with us.  Shhh, we won't tell!

Meet Lexie, Meshell, Tonya and Tracee. . . four professional, highly successful, intelligent, sexy and totally fierce black women who just happen to be the best of friends.  Each month, they drop all commitments to the wind to celebrate the ties and bonds of friendship with a Ladies' Night Out, where anything and everything can happen, and usually does.

At one such event, a question is posed:  What's the freakiest thing you've ever done?  As the question is pondered and answered by each, one sisterfriend sets out on a journey to rectify her situation and readers are swept up in one heck of a ride.  As readers follow the Crew on their sexcapades, drama, drama and more drama awaits at each and every turn.  Hold on tight, don't lose your grip.  You never know what's around the next turn.

Readers soon discover that we all wear masks.  Another question is posed:  Do you really know your best friends as well as you think you do?You could never imagine what goes on behind closed doors.  Beware:  Enter at your own risk!

ISBN: 0451220250